Agadir-Taghazout, the sun and the beach


To the west of the country, facing the Atlantic waves, Agadir is one of the pearls of Morocco. Whatever the season, the sun smiles down on the city and it enjoys a pleasant climate that the trade winds soften further. Above all, its 10-kilometer long seafront offers tourists magnificent views of the blue of the ocean and the opportunity to relax in the best conditions imaginable.

As the country’s main coastal resort, the city boasts 300 days of sunshine a year and bustles with activity. Cafes and restaurants open onto the waterfront, introducing you to the local cuisine and offering their specialties for the informed judgment of your taste buds!

Further into the city, the stalls of the El Had Bazaar wend their way through the streets, with over 6,000 boutiques to arouse your curiosity and where you can practice a little haggling with the traders while strolling through the vibrant atmosphere. The city never sleeps and every summer hosts the Timitar festival dedicated to world music, and in particular Amazigh music.

Open to the ocean and the world, Agadir is an energetic city in which to relax.

Nature in Agadir-Taghazout

Morocco's native argan trees grow throughout the area; their oil is a precious commodity that has made Agadir famous. If you leave the city, you can visit one of the many cooperatives found throughout the surrounding area and learn about the know-how used to produce the argan oil that is used for culinary and cosmetic purposes by Amazigh, or Berber, women. In fact, why not spend some time at a spa or at one of the fitness and wellness centers in Agadir? They are a wonderful place to enjoy the benefits of the argan tree and its oil, which many believe can work miracles.
Agadir has one of the most stunning bays in the world. It opens to the Atlantic Ocean and features long expanses of sand that encourage idleness. These beaches are bathed in sunshine all year, making them a top destination for anyone who loves idle lounging or water sports. Find your own sweet spot somewhere along the six miles of beaches that run between the two sides of the bay. Now savor the scene: the Atlantic Ocean on the horizon, the smell of eucalyptus in the air and the warmth of the Moroccan sun.
Come to Agadir for the ocean, but stay to explore its hinterland. The Lesser Atlas Mountains extend to the east of the city with jagged silhouette that form a stunning backdrop for all kinds of sporting activities. Hiking is a must. If you enjoy walking, choose one of the trails that crisscross the region for a safe, worry-free adventure. But why not vary your pleasures? You an also rent a camel or horse in the area and explore the backcountry with a friendly animal companion. Bicycles are also available. There are tons of ways to get out with your family.
Bordered by the ocean and bathed in year-round sun, Agadir is the capital of seaside tourism in Morocco. With an ideal location, an abundant supply of hotels and recreational centers and a variety of modern infrastructures, there are unlimited opportunities for active visitors. Seize them and enjoy your favorite sport in an impossibly beautiful setting. Naturally, water activities are a highlight in Agadir. The wind-whipped Atlantic Ocean is a perfect playground for surfers. Anyone who loves water surface sports will get a kick out of the waves in Taghazout. This once sleepy fishing village a few miles from Agadir is now a world-class seaside resort. The nearby Killer Point and Anchor Point are favorite spots for the most experienced surfers.